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Cure Blends

Cure Blends Prisma Rubber Additives can offer bespoke curative blends for the rubber compounding industry. The blends are able to include accelerators, activators, vulcanising agents and antioxidants/antiozonants if required. 'Accelerator Masterbatch'    The cure...

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Prismagum-F Range: Colouring Masterbatch for FKM Applications

Prismagum-F Range: Colour Masterbatch for FKM Applications   FKM, Fluoroelastomer, FPM, and Viton® are all common names for synthetic fluoropolymer rubber materials used in high-performance industries. Originally developed for the aerospace industry, they were quickly...

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Silane-Modified Silicas

Silane-Modified Silicas   Prisma Rubber Additives' new range of 'Adsil' silane-modified silica grades are designed to react with a wide variety of organic and inorganic materials. They are used as coupling agents, crosslinking agents, and surface modifiers which...

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BLW Dry Liquid Dispersions

BLW Dry Liquid Dispersions Prisma Rubber Additives can offer the rubber sector dry liquid dispersions of BLW. Complying with all the latest regulations for EU and UK REACH, Admix BLW is a dry liquid dispersion incorporating a high temperature reaction product of...

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PRISMA RUBBER ADDITIVES’ ADMIX RANGE Prisma Rubber Additives’ range of products are commonly referred to as powdered oils or dry blends. They are high activity concentrates of liquids widely used throughout the polymer industry. The liquids processed range from...

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Nitrosamine-Free Cure Systems

The use of rubber accelerators, with the potential to produce high levels of mutagenic and carcinogenic substances (nitrosamines), are a high concern to a rubber compounder. Nitrosamines are a family of chemical compounds discovered over 100 years ago. However, it was...

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Prisma Rubber Additives’ range of treated sulphur dispersions are produced with the specific aim of aiding rubber compounders to achieve rapid dispersion, while maintaining high levels of physical properties in their compounds. ‘Sulphur Bloom’ is a major problem...

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Antioxidant Masterbatches in Prisma Rubber Additives Range

Prisma Rubber Additives continue to strive to meet the demands of the rubber compounding market, as environmental considerations and dispersion requirements lead development in this sector. Pre-dispersed masterbatches are a valuable aid to superior dispersion and...

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