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Customised Solutions in Challenging Environments!

Every project is different and some require technical innovation to enable high-performance applications. 

Our liquid dispersions unit designs and innovates solutions across the board, for any industry.

Prisma Group aqueous pigment dispersion suppliers
‘Design Process for a custom Liquid Dispersion’

In the diverse landscape of industrial and commercial applications, there are many considerations to be tested by the manufacturer. Failure to do so can result in:


  • Compromised Product Performance:
Colour fading, poor adhesion and decreased durability.
  • Safety Concerns:
Industries such as medical devices or food packaging pose high risks.
  • Inefficient Processes:
Increased waste, longer production times and higher production costs.
  • Costly Rejections and Recalls:
Failure to meet industry and regulatory standards.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to disperse pigments and additives into wide range of media, to best suit the end-environment. 

We can offer various dispersions such as tackifiers, anti-oxidants, curatives and other specialised ingredients.

Both single and multicomponent formulations are available to streamline production processes and create the right product for the project.

Prisma paints liquid dispersion supplier
One of our high speed stirrers from our quality control and development lab.

Prisma Colour dispersions offer superior pigment and additive dispersion and distribution, ensuring uniform colouration and enhanced product performance. 

Simplifying manufacturing, it reduces waste and airborne particles, creating a cleaner environment whilst also reducing mixing times.

Their versatility enables custom formulations, providing better control over product quality for optimal results.


The Perfect Match

Our proactive service, tailored to customer requirements, ensures technically superior products no matter the conditions.

Challenge us to solve your dispersion problems, improve your processing and advance your end-products today.

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