Prisma Rubber Additives are pleased to announce that we have recently developed a CLD 80 masterbatch to add to our wide range of pre-dispersed chemicals for the rubber compounding industry. The material is available on Prisma’s unique, non-polymeric ‘Adsperse’ binder. Prisma Rubber Additives’ fully compatible binder, combined with special dispersing agents, allows quick absorption and excellent dispersion in the rubber compound.

The creation of this sulphur-donor masterbatch has added to our expanding portfolio of nitrosamine-free products.  At the start of normal curing conditions, Adsperse CLD 80 liberates free sulphur which, unlike normal sulphur, forms mono- and di-sulfidic bridges. This produces excellent heat aging resistance in rubber compounds based on NR, SBR, NBR and EPDM. Adsperse CLD 80 is also effective in improving the tendency of cure reversion when producing articles such as tire carcasses, tire-treads and nitrile rubber seals.

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