Prisma Rubber Additives continue to strive to meet the demands of the rubber compounding market, as environmental considerations and dispersion requirements lead development in this sector. Pre-dispersed masterbatches are a valuable aid to superior dispersion and reduced mixing times. Prisma Rubber Additives are always looking at ways of adding to its expanding portfolio of pre-dispersed accelerators, metal-oxides, retarders, and antioxidant masterbatches. We also excel in developing bespoke blends of these products in powder and granule form to meet our customers’ demands.

As part of our antioxidant range, we are able to offer masterbatches of MBI and MMBI. The benefits of these preparations include:

  • Unique, fully-compatible, non-polymeric binder.
  • Quick absorption and excellent dispersion in rubber compounds.
  • Non-Dusting
  • Fully compliant with the latest REACH regulations.

Adsperse MBI preparations are non-staining antioxidants for light-coloured and white rubber compounds. They also offer protection against copper and manganese poisoning (rubber poisons). The efficiency of Adsperse MBI preparations, used on their own, depend to a large extent on the curing system. Adsperse MBI preparations give better results in combination with dithiocarbamate and thiuram accelerators than in combination with other accelerators.
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