Prisma Group Sustainability Masterbatch

sustainability Overview

At Prisma, we recognise our responsibilities for sustainability and appreciate that is as equally vital as the work that we do. As such, we have outlined various sustainability goals that we are constantly working towards.

1) Continue to further reduce our carbon footprint throughout all areas of the business.

2) Support the industry’s transition to a circular economy through progressively eliminating plastic waste, where possible.

3) Drive sustainable solutions, focusing on energy efficiency in operations.

We’re proud to say we have recently made significant steps towards achieving our goals.

 100% Renewable Electricity
Prisma Group is now powered by 100% carbon free, renewable electricity. The transition to net zero energy production is an essential part of our action plan in tackling climate crisis.
✅ Operation Clean Sweep
Helping the plastics industry reduce the loss of pellets and powders to the environment.
✅ Bioplastic Innovations
We have been working with numerous resources in our R&D lab to innovate sustainable solutions for customers. We’re able to work with potential customers to innovate bioplastic solutions for their projects.
✅ 30% Recycled Alternative for Plastic Packaging
Helping customers abide by the plastic packaging tax introduced in 2022. We have adapted our operations to make changes seamless for our customers. 
✅ Engineered products for rapid mixing time
Reinvestment into new process equipment to help optimise formulations so that compounders require less mixing time, reducing the carbon emissions in production. 
✅ Employee Engagement
We have heightened colleague awareness of recycling throughout the business, from kitchen waste to excess production material, to maximise our recycling opportunities.


Technician in R&D laboratory

Looking to 2024, we want to build upon the momentum we have created this year. We will continue our strategy to comply with increasing industry regulation; engage in meaningful conversations with industry experts at exhibitions; and collaborate with stakeholders to find sustainable solutions in all scenarios.

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Our proactive service, tailored to customer requirements, ensures technically superior products no matter the conditions.

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