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Prisma’s Sustainable Power Transformation!

Prisma Group is proudly powered by 100% carbon-free, renewable electricity. This transition to net zero energy demonstrates our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

We recognise our customers dedication to environmental responsibility throughout the supply chain. Therefore, by aligning our values, we have actively supported the growth of a green energy supply chain.

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‘The Prisma Group’s Purpose Built Factory’

We believe decarbonising our operations wherever possible is not only a reflection of our core values but also a demonstration of our due diligence within the industry.


This adds to our list of sustainable movements in 2023! 

✅ 100% Renewable Energy
Now powered by 100% carbon-free renewable electricity!

✅ Operation Clean Sweep
Helping the plastics industry reduce the loss of pellets and powders to the environment

✅ Sustainable Solution Polymers
We have been working with numerous resources in our R&D lab to innovate sustainable solutions for customers.


The Perfect Match

Our proactive service, tailored to customer requirements, ensures technically superior products no matter the conditions.

Challenge us to solve your technical problems, improve your processing and advance your end-products today.

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