Prisma Rubber Additives Cure Blends

Cure Blends

Prisma Rubber Additives can offer bespoke curative blends for the rubber compounding industry. The blends are able to include accelerators, activators, vulcanising agents and antioxidants/antiozonants if required.

Prisma Rubber Additives Multicomponent and Blends
‘Accelerator Masterbatch’

 The cure blends can be provided in either a powder or masterbatch form. Prisma Rubber Additives also has a pre-weighing facility available.

Cure blends are becoming increasingly popular with rubber compounders as they offer the following advantages in production:

– Quicker incorporation into the compounds.

– Reduced mix-times and reduced energy consumption, as a result.

– Elimination of waste and dust loss.

– Replacement of the small weighing area with reduced labour costs.

Prisma Rubber Additives Admix Dry LiquidsRange
‘Adblend Powders’

The blends can be tailor-made to the customers’ requirements with Prisma Rubber Additives offering a full technical backup and support. Prisma can also help with modifying existing blends as rubber compounders continue to move towards nitrosamine-free formulations. The blends offer the following technical advantages:

– Improved dispersion.

– Improved product performance.

– Reduced variability in cure characteristics.

– Eliminate contamination.


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