Dry Liquids

Dry Liquids

Our ADMIX range of dry liquids consists of unique blends of highly-absorbent amorphous silicas which provide solutions to the problems of quickly incorporating high volumes of liquids within a compound without affecting the physical properties of the final vulcanisation.

There are a wide range of concentrations available within our ADMIX dry liquids, up to 75% active product.

ADMIX Product list

      • Antioxidants – SP
      • Activators – TEA, ZEH
      • Process Oils – Aromatic, Naphthenic, Paraffinic
      • General Plasticisers – DOS, DOA, DINP, DOTP
      • Polymeric Plasticisers:


           -High Molecular Ethyl Adipate,

           -di-2 Ethylhexanoic acid triethylene glycol ester

           -Low Molecular Mixed Dibasic Acid Polyester



      • Crosslinkers – EGDMA, TMPTMA, TAC, TAIC, Formaldehyde Resin/HMT/HMMM
      • Silane – SI 69, VTEO, 171
      • Silane-Modified Silicas
      • Tackifier/Process Aids – PLCT, Pine Tar, Xylene
      • Liquid Polymers – Polybutene’s (PB, PIB), Ethylene Propylene, Polybutadiene, NBR (1312), Lithene AH
      • Epoxy Resin – Bisphenol A
      • Accelerators – ZDTP, ZBPD

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