Speciality Rubber Additives

Prisma Rubber Additives offer a wide range of speciality rubber additives including rubber accelerator masterbatch, dry liquids, sulphur blends and multicomponent blends.

As Prisma Rubber Additives manufacture a vast range of products, we can offer our customers a ‘one stop shop’ service, complete with full technical assistance, quality assurance and quick lead times.

Prisma Rubber Additives also has the capability to develop bespoke products, including generic alternatives that have enabled many of our customers to reduce costs and compete more effectively.

Prisma Rubber Additives can tailor orders to suit the customer’s exact requirements in any combination of products and quantities.

Prisma Rubber Additives cares about the environment and has developed a unique, energy efficient manufacturing process that sets us apart from others within our industry.

Read our latest blogs discussing the rubber additive industry in more detail, which also keeps you updated with new products being added to Prisma Rubber Additives. If you have any questions, please contact us and our team with get in touch with you as soon a possible.

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Based on a unique binder system consisting of a complex blend of long chain fatty acids, our extensive range of pre dispersed bound chemicals give added advantages over conventional polymer bound systems.


Our unique blends of highly absorbent amorphous silicas provide solutions to the problems of incorporating high volumes of liquids with a compound quickly without affecting the physical properties ….


Sulphur in its basic form can give problems in dispersion, with a resultant fall off in physical properties and surface defects associated with pastel shade compounds. Our range of sulphur dispersions are formulated…


We can offer a dust suppression service to reduce the dust hazard and also significantly increase the dispersibility of the finished product, to give the compound engineer quicker curing times and improve physical…

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