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BLW Dry Liquid Dispersions

Prisma Rubber Additives can offer the rubber sector dry liquid dispersions of BLW. Complying with all the latest regulations for EU and UK REACH, Admix BLW is a dry liquid dispersion incorporating a high temperature reaction product of diphenylamine and acetone, commonly known as ADPA, with high-grade amorphous silicas.

Admix BLW is mostly used in mechanical rubber products, and some non-critical tyre applications.

This type of antioxidant provides resistance to ozone, heat, environmental stress cracking, flex fatigue in rubber applications such as belts and industrial rubber goods.

Admix BLW is compatible with NR, SBR, NBR, CR and EPDM
Prisma Rubber Additives Admix Multicomponent and blends Range

Admix BLW will provide medium-term protection to the rubber vulcanizates, but it is classified as a staining antioxidant and is therefore not recommended for white rubber products. These types of ADPA’s have low solubility in oil and hence are suitable for oil-resistant compounds on NBR. 


Benefit of using dry liquids over liquid forms

The Admix BLW is part of our growing portfolio of dry liquids in our ‘Admix’ range. Our dry liquids are more beneficial to your production process because:

  • Faster incorporation during compounding
  • Improved dispersion characteristics
  • Convenient material handling as free-flowing powders, which produce faster mixing cycles
  • Hazard-free recyclable packaging
  • No product wastage

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The Perfect Match

At Prisma, we believe the company you work with should not only fill a need, but actively work with you to create the best outcome possible.

We provide a superior service that offers proactive communication, to achieve a product that is technically designed around your requirements.


For sampling, pricing or data sheets of the Admix BLW, please contact our Sales Manager Will Adam at [email protected].

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There are no limits to Prisma’s capabilities on our Admix range of dry blends. We can provide bespoke blends varying active concentrations to meet our customers’ requirements. Prisma Rubber Additives can also offer a pre-weighing service to improve handling and incorporation further. To see our standard range of dry blends, please visit

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