The use of rubber accelerators, with the potential to produce high levels of mutagenic and carcinogenic substances (nitrosamines), are a high concern to a rubber compounder. Nitrosamines are a family of chemical compounds discovered over 100 years ago. However, it was not until the 1950s that these compounds received worldwide attention, and with it the serious implications for health and safety requirements for workers and consumers alike.

It is well known that nitrosamines are produced mostly during the curing and post-curing process of rubber components. These create the primary routes of exposure by ingestion, inhalation and dermal (skin) contact.

Prisma Rubber Additives are continually looking to expand its range of ‘Adsperse’ products to offer the latest innovations to help reduce the exposure to nitrosamines. Prisma can now offer the following products on our unique binder system:

  • CLD
  • TBzTD
  • ZBEC
  • ZBPD
  • ZDTP

CLD, TBzTD and ZBEC are available in a range of active concentrations to meet the customer’s requirements, but most commonly are supplied at 70/75/80%. ZBPD and ZDTP are available in either a 50% masterbatch or a 70% dry liquid.
Prisma Rubber Additives also have the capabilities to offer bespoke nitrosamine-free cure blends in either a masterbatch or powder form. Pre-weigh options are available too.

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If you have technical questions on nitrosamine-free products, please direct them to our technical manager Bill Adam at [email protected].

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