Further to Prisma Rubber Additives continued product development, we have now formulated a new masterbatch for TAIC (Triallyl Isocyanurate). In addition to the 50% and 70% dry liquids, we now offer a 50% masterbatch (Adsperse TAIC 50). The binder system consists of a complex blend of long chain fatty acids, which gives compounders quick and easy dispersion.

This binder system is compatible with all polymer types and our masterbatch allows TAIC to be added quickly for the cross-linking process of the fluoropolymers. Adsperse TAIC 50 provides the compounder with the following advantages:-

  • Improved efficiency of the cross-linking process due to the three functional allyl groups.
  • Heat resistance of the polymer is greatly improved due to the presence of the triazine ring.
  • Mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, tear strength and compression set are improved.
  • Improves the hydrolytic and weather resistance properties of fluorine polymers.

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